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Technical Metal Finishing (TMF) has developed a unique process capability to “super finish” aero and industrial gas turbine components. This process routinely achieves surface finishes of 20 micro inch / 0.5 micrometer surfaces and can be modified to achieve 10 µin / .25 µm RA surfaces. TMF’s process employs proprietary media size and composition selected to achieve the best possible results taking in to consideration both the part material and geometry.

TMF’s process does not utilize any chemicals that could affect or attack the grain structure of traditional or advanced super alloy materials. The super finishing can be tailored to the specific part geometry with careful attention to assure no foreign objects during processing can enter the internal passages of the cooled turbine airfoil components. This process can be used to improve the surface finish of machined components, raw castings, and coated airfoils. TMF super finishes gas turbine components for Pratt & Whitney, GE-Aviation, Rolls Royce, Ltd and Siemens Power Systems.

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